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If you have ever worked in a public building or medium to large sized business where a series of programs must be installed on many computers, you know how much difference it makes when you have a program that takes five minutes to install compared to a program that takes one minute to install.

Within the last year, Adobe has filled their Reader program with so much junk that the installer now works in more than one part, and installs another program: “Acobat_.com” on your computer which is a ploy to get you to use Adobe AIR.
Until this point in time, to most people asking about PDF Readers, I always recommended Acrobat Reader. There is a another PDF Reader, however, called FoxIt Reader. The reader program of Foxit, like Adobe Reader, is completely free. Foxit Reader also offers a writer program, but then again so does Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs, and any computer with a PDF Printer installed, except for free.

Foxit Reader now has a few a few advantages over Adobe Reader:
The installer is quick. The program is 6.73MB (Adobe Reader is 26MB), Foxit Reader can export everything to text, if you wish. There are no annoying splash windows, and it starts quicker/as quickly as Adobe Reader.

Visit the Official Foxit Reader website,
– OR –
Download from FileHippo

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