Beethoven 9th Symphony Stretched for 24 Hours

Hear that sound? It’s familiar, it’s something you’ve probably heard all of your life. It’s just much slower than expected. Often thought of as the tune to “Ode to Joy”, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is thought by many to be one of his best pieces. Quite some time ago, this symphony was digitally stretched (see, I made it computer-related) over a 24 hour period without pitch distortion. This stream has been live since 2005, playing just this — quite cool.

Since 2005, a website called Park 4DTV offers a 24/7 live stream of the entire piece, stretched over 24 hours, no jaggedness, just pure sound.

From their website:

“This Raudio Special brings you, as a continuous 24/7 audio webstream, ‘9 Beet Stretch’ by idea-based artist Leif Inge. ‘9 Beet Stretch’ is a recording of Ludwig van Beethoven’s ninth symphony stretched to 24 hours, without pitch distortion. We started the stream on saturday may 7th, 2005, at 20h15 (the moment of sunset (local time) in Vienna, Austria, where Beethoven’s ninth symphony was first performed, on may 7th, 1824).”

Check out their website and have a listen.

See if you can pick out the individual instruments. It sounds like that creepy modern music. Occasionally, you come across extremely quiet spots, even empty moments of the piece that you would never have noticed before.

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